Cardigan, Wales.

Cardigan, Wales is roughly a 6 hour trip from my home in Norfolk. After a few too many drinks at the pub one evening my best friend and I decided to set out to Wales to stay with her Grand Parents a few days later.

After sober planning we decided to make a stop off to split up the journey over night with my Grand Parents in Oxfordshire.

The journey down gave the perfect opporunity to see some very typically ‘Welsh’ countryside. The image seen was taken just before leaving, in Sophie’s Grandparents back garden in front of what I called the ‘giant rhubarb’ (I was quickly corrected that its called Gunnera).

Cardigan was everything I could have hoped for. With a population of only 4,000 it felt like the small traditional town I was picturing, and walking around in the day and evening confirmed it. Especially when  we found the busiest pub in the town, and only saw 10 other people in total inside (in Cardigan’s defence it was a Monday night).

June 2017.

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