St. James Club, Morgan Bay, Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia is a small Caribbean Island, located between the islands of Martinique and the Grenadines. St. Lucia is just 27 miles by 5 miles wide which is very miniscule, although its history is vast, having been fought over by the French and English (7 times French, 7 times English), and obviously the English winning making the Island a crown colony, although many of the place names are French, such as the old capital, Soufriere.

I was unsure whether I would be heading out to the Island due to hurricane Irma and Maria hitting neigbouring islands. Very fortunately St. Lucia was minimally damaged and all was functioning like usual on the Island.

I flew into Hewanorra International Airport with by Boyfriend Tom and Parents and then had a transfer to the St James Club Hotel, Morgan Bay. I think my photographs are the best way to show my time, see below.

Our days were filled with Water Skiing (learning to), kayaking, sailing, lots of swimming, Jet Skiing, Zip Lining through the Rainforest, Swimming in a waterfall, Pilot Whale spotting, Snorkelling and a first for me was having a Mud Bath!  

The trip wasn’t the most calm but it was exciting and packed with water sports so the most ideal for me, as well as good food and the most brilliant scenery. 

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