Next winter season, working for Meriski.

Wednesday the 16th of May was a day that the thought of it terrified me. It was my interview for Meriski, the company Tom worked for on his previous two seasons and has really loved. Meriski is the Meribel specialist and they operate luxury, all inclusive chalets throughout the winter season. Toms had a great experience working for Meriski and the links to our job in Norfolk mean it’s a company we trust in our treatment as seasonal staff because too many company’s poorly treat ski season staff, I’m sure you’ve heard some horror stories as had I.

mountain ranges covered in snow
Photo by Denis Linine on

On May 1st I applied, the following day I received an email inviting me to interview, which I accepted on the 16th.

Interview day rolled around and I made the drive to the Cirencester (Meriski HQ), with Tom beside me as he was going to meet with recruitment and the director to discuss his job role for the following season.

I went up to the office for the interview and they suggested that along with Tom we go out for coffee, so over coffee we discussed the job and my experience.

After finishing Tom and I went for lunch at ‘The Village Pub’ in Barnsley, then for a walk, this was around an hour and a half after finishing the interview and my phone pinged with an email..

I GOT THE JOB! Meriski offered me the job as a Chalet Host and with a big bonus of shared living with Tommy.

The following week Tom received an email to say he’d got the promotion of Chalet Manager, which is really brilliant news, I’m so excited to be joining Meriski for the coming season, with only 5 months to wait.



See above to the week Tom & I met, on the side of the mountain in Val Thoren.


See above, unfortunatley its not me but Tom looking far too cool this 2017/18 season taken in Meribel.

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