Krakow, Poland.

I’ve now finished work until the ski season begins so I booked flights for Tom & I to Krakow in Poland, a very belated birthday present for Tom.

I visited Krakow with school and knew I wanted to return and Tom had never been before. It seemed important to me that he visit Auschwitz, and Krakow is a great city.

I found us a hotel 2 minutes from the main square, so that we could walk everywhere. I am in love with our hotel! We had a suite which was decorated in a traditional grand style. It was comfortable and so spacious – I’ll attach some photos. The location was perfect and it was a great deal! Breakfast was included and room service was available from their restaurant, and all at such reasonable prices.

Hotel exterior.
The living room in our suite.
Main bathroom.

A friend of my mums lives in Krakow so she met us from the airport.  We spent the rest of the day walking around the city, covering all of the sites and historical landmarks, and she was the best guide to the city and translator. We stopped for lunch shortly after arriving in a Polish restaurant, and she also took us for dinner in one of her favourite restaurants. We walked over 12km, but it was a brilliant way to cover the whole city in a day.

My main of pork & mussels.
Dorota on our first night.

Ceiling in a Jewish Synagogue

The following day Dorota picked us up at 6:40am to take us to Auschwitz, as our slot was for 8am, and it’s around 1 hour from Krakow city. There are buses, but also many organised tours available.

We got the free shuttle from Auschwitz to Birkenau (Auschwitz 2), and then got an Uber back to Krakow which cost under £50. I’d really recommend heading to Auschwitz early, as it’ll take around 3 hours for you to do both parts, and this meant we still had a good amount of time back in Krakow.

We arrived back before 1pm so headed for lunch in a Austrian looking chalet style cabin, where we had proper comfort food of goulash and dumplings. And this was followed by some shopping (or you could call it browsing due to my great self control).

For dinner that evening Tom was a little unwell so we stayed in. Unfortunately the Uber eats app was all written in Polish, so I made a classy trip to McDonald’s and a pharmacy for Tommy.

Krakow castle.

We woke, well rested, had breakfast, and then headed to the airport to fly to Milan. You’ll have to wait for that post because I’m currently on the plane there as I write this.

Krakow was actually experiencing some out of the ordinary weather; it was warm and sunny all day and around 17-18 degrees in the daytime, although the temperature did drop in the evening.

In hindsight, another half day or day would have been good, as Tom would have enjoyed the Salt Mines and Schindler’s List Museum.

I would return to Krakow for sure; the food was great, the history is fascinating, and the varying architecture is awesome.

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