Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

I was so so excited for some more sun when it came around time to go to the Dominican with my parents. From when I stepped into the hotel lobby I instantly felt calm and relaxed. Our hotel was pretty small and it was a matter of steps from our room, to the pool and then the beach. We came away for 10 days of total chill.

The hotel had all of our watersports included so mum and I took full advantage, especially using a paddleboard for sunbathing. The hotel had 5 great restaurants, it was lovely to get dressed up each evening, play cards, drink cocktails and just chat with my mum and dad. It was really great quality time together. Mum headed out running at 7 am every morning which I really admire, I only made it a couple of times but she always brought me a caramel iced latte in bed afterwards.

One day mum and I headed out horseriding on the beach, sadly it was raining on this day but it was still warm and a wonderful experience. We galloped along the sand and it was awesome! A total must-do experience.  The only downside was the rain combined with leather saddle and denim shorts meant the brown leather rubbed off on my shorts and I went away looking like I’d had an accident.

As it was October it did rain each day but for no more than an hour and it was still hot so really didn’t matter. We flew with TUI and I couldn’t have been more impressed with both flights, so much space and some of the best plane food I’ve had. The hotel was a great size as it really wasn’t too big and it was at less than half capacity, the 5 restaurants meant we weren’t queuing and didn’t have to eat buffet dinner. The beachside restaurant was where we went to the most, I had delicious fresh fish starters and steak most nights and it was great to be eating next to the sea.

I’m so thankful to have such great quality time with my parents on this trip and I’m also lucky they put up with me coming with them!

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