About me

Welcome to tilly fisher.com, you’ve found my space on the internet to ramble my daily life and travels, let’s get you up to date…

After finishing A- Levels in June 2017 I got an unconditional offer to study a BA(Hons) in Interior Design, Decoration & Styling at Plymouth Art College. When deciding whether to take it, I was undecided. I had a very strong desire to do a ski season, because what more could I want than being able to ski everyday? My older posts will fill you in on that section of my life.

To sum it up a little quicker I have now declined my place at Plymouth Art College (after already deferring once) and I’m working hard to fund myself to have as much fun as possible and to travel, one trip at a time for now, ticking places off my list.

What makes it all a bit sweeter is that I’m not alone in my want to travel, explore and be outdoors. I’ve got my boyfriend Tom alongside me.

I started my blog in the summer of 2017 as it seemed like the best way to keep a diary of my travels.

Tom & I. Summer 2018 Sablet, France.

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