About me

Welcome to tillyfisher.com, I’m Tilly and this is where I’m documenting my life, where i visit and what I’m getting up to.

After finishing A- Levels in June 2017 I got an unconditional offer to study a BA(Hons) in Interior Design, Decoration & Styling at Plymouth Art College. When i was deciding if it was the right time for University I had a very strong desire to do a ski season, because what more could I want than being able to ski everyday? My older posts will fill you in on that section but deferring was the best decision i could have made.

To sum it up a little quicker I have now declined my place at Plymouth Art College and I’m working hard to fund myself to have as much fun as possible and to travel, one trip at a time for now, ticking places off my list. What makes it even sweeter is I’ve got my boyfriend Tom along side me.

I started my blog in the summer of 2017 as it seemed like the best way to keep a diary of my travels. I try and post about everywhere I visit but for more frequent updates check out my Instagram: nataliexianfisher or Twitter: NatalieTXFisher

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